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Review based, decision how to make it?

How the Post began.

It started as an updated description of our business on a website, that I am not very fond of at all. Its yelp, which is a very frustrating platform that I have had beef with for quite sometime.

After not visiting the website for almost 2 years.. I randomly went on it after having a few bad “apples” within the cleaning business you never know when they are going to erupt. 

Thought i’d stop in to see if they had done their normal, Joe Schmoe name swap: aka the anonymous post.

I was surprised to see a client from November, leave a review in December regarding a deep clean that she ended up only paying $120.00 for a 12 hr deep clean. She didn’t hide her name, that was a big deal for her considering what a dishonest awful lady she became.

That was a low blow, she ended up breaking her contract for several reasons and disputed her credit card. To make matters worse one of our team members knew her son from high-school and she had a personal vendetta against her.

It was a one star review.

Our Updated Description:

Awesome cleans for awesome clients!

To start, if you are in need of a cleaning team that always shows up, has outstanding communication, does an excellent job and if you also need guests that write 5 star reviews this is the place to call!

Extraordinarily Clean is ECS Cleaning now and we are proud to still be servicing the Lake Tahoe Basin since 2013. 

Furthermore, we are a very easy company to work with and offer one time cleaning contracts for certain cleaning situations.

All clients will need to sign our Terms and conditions and have a customized cleaning contract written up for their job.

Not all cleans are the same, we do offer over the phone estimates or via email.

However sometimes the condition of property is different and the owners expectations may supersede the contract that they had signed.

If this is the case, no hard feelings — we can go our separate ways. We always offer a resolution for any situation such as.

Every now and again we will get that nasty client, that normally hides their name which is odd: that you are able to write up some review that may or may not be a valid story and change your name and get away with Joe Schmoe, there should be an option for anonymous !

As we know, there is three sides to each story.

We can only do so much on our end before someone has a rant every so often, no business is perfect!

But a business with 5 stars is probably one that is either just starting out, losing money to please their low star ratings and keep their 5 star ones, or worse they are paying to have their bad ones taken off.

We are proud of our reviews negative and positive, it helps us do a better job in future and update our terms to reflect new regulations regarding contracts and simplicity for our clientele new and old.

We hope you will give us a shot some day, you won’t regret it!

Updated Description, complete.

Its okay to choose a company off their reviews.
1-5 stars its okay to know that the reviewer may or may not be an actual customer.
You should give the business a chance based off of their credibility, communication and ability rather then some old scathing reviews.
What yelp doesn’t have is the ability to actually verify these reviewers. Which is their biggest downfall. This will help small businesses around the world get their business on the map with shout out reviews! Website and app coming soon.
Stay Tuned and be vigilant about how you choose your cleaning service based off of their reviews.
~ Wendylyn 




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