Its almost spring!!

Spring time is almost here!


Deep Cleaning + Carpet or Tile Cleaning! 


Deep Cleaning at its finest

When it comes to Spring Cleaning, we are the experts.

Each room needs a full deep clean. We will list a full list of room by room, what each area of your home needs in regards to the fullest extent of the deep cleaning process. Some areas require services from other companies and we can certainly refer you to some experts in those fields that do an amazing job.

“Extraordinarily Clean came out and did a full deep clean after a long winter for our cabin in fallen leaf lake. We are so glad we found them and have been having them clean our cabin weekly during the summer months ever since! ” Tina B- Los Angeles Ca


Stove/ Grease Traps

Refrigerator/ Bins and Shelves

Inside & Out of Cabinetry

Deep Cleaning of Flooring

Tile/Deep Grout Cleaning and Sealant

Baseboards and Switch Plates



Deep Cleaning of Shower Tile and grout (Sealant Available)

Hard Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors Removed

Interior and Exterior of Cabinetry

Hard Water Stains Removed out of Toilet Bowls

Baseboards and Switch Plates


High Up Spider Web Removal

Deep Cleaning of Bed frames and Linens

Mattress Steam Cleaning 

Windows/ Tracks and Sills

Baseboards and Switch Plates


Laundry Room

Deep Clean Machines Inside and Out

Clean Cabinetry Inside and Out 

Baseboards and Switch Plates

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Light Fixtures



Living Room/ Family Space

High Up Web Removal

Light Fixtures and Fan Cleaning


Couch Cushion Deep Cleaning (Find some treasures)

Upholstery Cleaning 

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